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, reportedly killing six -- an iranian dissident camp near baghdad, reportedly killing six. obesity leads us to a city in united states. there is growing turmoil into knees. thousands of people rally on the street of the capital in show of support for the government -- tunisia. thousands of people rally on the streets of the capital in show of support for the government. the prime minister has threatened to resign if a technocratic government is not formed. >> on the capital's main thoroughfare, thousands gathered in support of tunisia' party. this is a warning for those who thought to dissolve the government. we are not afraid to go back to the streets. the moderate islamic enough a party one elections in 2011. a political murder of liberal opponent chokri belaid and the prime minister posta's decision to form a caretaker government of non-politicians in response has divided the country and the party. huge crowds turned out in support of opposition groups at friday posta funeral. .- friday's funeral >> it is a rally that appears to demonstrate very vocally the growing divide between religio
'm talking now. when you use a musical instrument, you focus people's attention on the matter that you have at hand, and you entertain them. so you open them up emotionally. the music has a way of reaching people on a nonverbal, emotional level. [low hum and sticks clacking] [cultural music montage] [woman singing in native dialect] (man) we all have musical memories. they go back to our earliest childhood. they form a large part of how we feel about time. as our life unfolds, we connect the dots with musical memories very often. ♪ my momma told me, if i was good, ♪ so, in the personal sense, we stitch together our lives with music in a very direct way. [rock music] i don't think that most people can tell you where they were ten years ago, but if you sing a song from that summer, they can tell you exactly where they were, who they were dating, what car they were driving in, and the music can spark those kind of things. (narrator) musical memory can function at both the personal and cultural levels. while personal memory is unique to individuals, cultural memory is something that is shar
, california may someday overtake the citrus capital of the u.s., florida, in production of them--all of which doesn't surprise farmers like craig kaprelian one bit. >> california has a much better climate to grow mandarins than does florida because they need a typically hot summer and a cold winter--hot to bring on the sugars, cold to bring on the colors. so, this is the best place in the rld to grow mandarins. >> craig, along with his marketing partner duda farms, harvests hundreds of thousands of petite-sized citrus a day in visalia. after harvest, they are carefully inspected, washed, and packed. anything that doesn't look absolutely perfect will go on to be used for juice or in citrus-scented products like candles and lotions. but one of the first things you need to get straight about these pocket-sized powerhouses is their names. you see, a tangerine and a clementine are both part of the mandarin orange family. and while each has different characteristics, all three are sweet, versatile, and are becoming the darlings of farmers who see the many marketing possibilities with them and as ch
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3